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full color labels

• Low 250 minimum order
• Free digital proofs
• 2 – 3 Day production time
• Multiple versions – save money
• Press proof available
• No die charge
• UV, matte, or high gloss finishes
• Available in rolls or pieces
• Fast easy ordering

Beautiful Full Color Labels

A full color label is the right label for attracting and informing consumers about your mmj or recreational products and your brand. These labels are printed from your artwork and offer photo-quality colors, so they are a step above most labels. Your logo, wording, and images are custom printed onto the label. You can add a laminate or varnish for increased durability. Barcoding and other variable text is available.

You can save when ordering multiple versions of the same label size and material by using our “Versions” option. This option allows you to combine all of the labels you’re ordering into one unit, giving you a price break based on the total quantity. That’s right! You can print entirely different artwork on each “lot” and combine those versions into one order, to get a much lower price. The only rule is that all versions must be printed on the same material with the same options (colors, size, shape, laminate/varnish).

Full Color Custom Shape Die-Cut Cannabis Label
Full Color Cannabis Label on Silver Material

Label materials to make your label pop

Blurb about different label materials. Image is full color over silver bopp.

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