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Foil Labels

• Emboss gold or silver foil materials
• Add depth and lustre by printing ink over embossed foil
• High quality heat stamping creates vibrant and rich appearance
• Stamp foil onto paper, vinyl and polyester materials
• Available in the most popular shapes and sizes

Foil embossed labels from the world’s best manufacturer

CannaMav has been making foil labels for over 15 years. By adding gold or silver foil labels to your product, you’re making a bold statement about your product that gets noticed every time. Embossed stamped labels are used to highlight and enhance your label packaging and design, and truly separates you from the many other cannabis products on the store shelves.

Your custom cannabis foil labels are more than just another order to us; they need to be a masterpiece reflective of your branded product. Allow us to produce a custom embossed label for your brand that gets noticed.  Our expert and experienced staff can help you design your label and guide you through the entire process.

Gold embossed foil seal

HD Quailty Embossing And Printing

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