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  • (b) The ATC–plant cultivation shall place a legible, firmly affixed label containing the information specified in (c) below on each package of medical marijuana it dispenses to an ATC–dispensary and shall not dispense medical marijuana if the package does not bear the label.
  • (c) The label required pursuant to (b) above shall contain the following:
    • 1. The name and address of the alternative treatment center–plant cultivation that produced the medical marijuana;
    • 2. The quantity of the medical marijuana contained within the package;
    • 3. The date that the ATC–plant cultivation packaged the content;
    • 4. A sequential serial number, lot number, and bar code to identify lot associated with manufacturing and processing;
    • 5. The cannabinoid profile of the medical marijuana contained within the package, including THC level not to exceed 10 percent;
    • 6. Whether the medical marijuana is of the low, medium, or high strength strain;
    • 7. A statement that the product is for medical use by a qualifying patient and not for resale; and
    • 8. A list of any other ingredients besides medical marijuana contained within the package.
  • (d) Labeling shall be clear and truthful in all respects and shall not be false or misleading in any particular.
  • 1. A label containing any statements about the product other than those specified in this chapter shall contain the following statement prominently displayed, and in boldface type: “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”